Note From Mindy

Welcome​ to Mindy ​Carter ​Music.

As excited ​as ​I am to get to know you, your goals, and how I can help you reach your full potential,​ ​you should know a little about me too.
A​ ​little about myself…

I​ ​have been involved in music and dance as ​early ​as ​I ​can ​remember. Any ​opportunity ​there ​was ​for ​me ​to ​perform, ​​I ​took ​it!  After​ ​performing ​in ​many ​musicals, state fairs, talent competitions, Governors School for the Arts, and All State competitions, I went​ ​on to major in Vocal ​Music Education at James Madison University. I had the exciting experience of singing with JMU’s jazz​ ​band, performing in JMU musicals, and ​touring with ​JMU’s nationally known show choir The Madisonians. During my college​ ​summers I worked at various theme parks such as Kings Island ​and ​Busch Gardens ​as a singer/ ​ ​dancer / vocal captain.​

​After I completed my bachelors in vocal music education, I went on to perform as a singer/dancer and lead vocalist on​ ​many prestigious cruise lines such as​​: Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America, Cunard, and American Hawaii.​ ​I also performed at many 5 star resorts and in the “music town” of Branson, MO. As much as I Ioved performing all over​ ​the world, I also loved writing and recording Christian music. My home base was in ​NYC ​and ​and ​Nashville ​so ​I ​could audition,​ ​record ​songs, ​and ​learn ​about ​the ​music industry. ​

​After working with a producer in Atlanta GA, I decided to settle down​ ​and make Atlanta my home. ​My love for God and Christian music led me to begin a career in Worship Leading. My first​ ​position was at ​a small but very spirit filled church called Town Lake Community Church. I then went on to lead worship at North​ ​Avenue Presbyterian Church where I helped build the contemporary service. ​I was also the lead singer for Mindy Carter​ ​Jazz, a quartet made of the finest jazz musicians in Atlanta. After taking some time off to start a family, I am now singing​ ​and often leading worship at Mount Bethel United Methodist Church. ​I also sing for many special events around Atlanta​ ​and continue to write and record songs, I have learned so much from my experiences and education, and I find it so rewarding​ ​when I can help others reach their goals. Which brings me to ​my ​love ​for ​teaching…

I​ ​have had the privilege ​of ​teaching private voice and piano lessons for almost 15 years. ​I love the connections I ​make with​ ​my students and watching them grow into confident and skilled musicians. I began my teaching career at Sandy Spring Music,​ ​where I also led many musical theater workshops and showcases. After 10 years at SSM, I am so excited to now be teaching​ ​from my own home studio. ​A place you will feel comfortable and confident as ​you ​take ​the ​next ​step ​in ​discovering your​ ​full ​potential!