Voice Lessons

Everyone has the ability to sing.  With proper training, you will realize your potential. 


Are​ ​your ready to take your voice to the next level?  Or are you just beginning your journey and want to discover your potential?

We are excited to take this journey with you.  We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to help so many people, of all ages and​ ​levels, to reach their goals and dreams in music. Many of our students are worship leaders, performing professional gigs, attending prestigious music colleges, signed with record companies, and performing lead roles in musicals​ ​in the surrounding Atlanta area.

Whether your goal is to increase your vocal power, gain confidence, extend your range,​ ​learn proper technique, prepare for an audition, or record a demo, we can help you reach your goal. Our studio is a​ ​stress free environment where you will feel comfortable as you learn to free your voice ​and discover ​your ​ ​full ​ ​potential. Please​ ​call us today to set up ​a ​consultation.

What​ ​will ​you ​learn ​in voice ​lessons?

  • ​proper breathing ​technique
  • how​ to extend ​your range
  • how​ to sing through your ​”break”
  • proper ​diction ​and ​vowel ​placement
  • ​​how to communicate a ​song
  • how​ ​to ​develop ​your ​own ​style
  • ​how to warm up the voice ​properly
  • ​how ​to ​belt ​in ​a ​healthy ​way
  • how​ to sing in different ​styles
  • ​how ​to ​sell ​a ​song ​for ​an ​audition
  • ​sight singing and ear training
  • how​ to ​prepare ​for ​a ​college ​audition
  • And​ so much more…